​​​The Tree House Tavern & Bistro​

1094 Centerville Road Warwick RI 02886  -  Phone 401-821-1105  

New Menu Selections and Alterations 

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11:00 to 8:00,  821-1105.

Lunch & Dinner Menu

Soup of the Day Cup 6 \ Bowl 9

Fresh and unique made on site in small batches

Deviled Eggs 11
BLT style with our famous egg filling, fried spinach, tomato and bacon. .

Pretzels & Cheese Dip 10

Pretzel sticks, butter, sea salt, zesty beer cheese.

Pulled Pork Quesadilla 15
House made pulled pork, Monterey Jack Cheese, fire roasted corn and black bean salsa, BBQ sauce, guacamole, honey wheat wrap grilled with cheese on the outside. 

Chicken Wings 15

5 whole house seasoned wings, (when available)​ with a choice of: Crispy Plain, or 
Sauced: Truffalo, or Salt and Malt Vinegar Gastrique, or Honey-Orange glaze with Crystalized Toasted Garlic.

Adult Mojito Wings 17

House seasoned wings, baked, then fried, sprinkled with tipsy, Run, Agave, Lime and Mint Adult Cocktail.

(4 whole) tipsy wings for adults 21 and older only!! $17** 


Mac & Cheese

Pasta in a white cream and cheese sauce, topped with panko bread crumbs

Select from

Plain $11./ Pulled Pork $16./ Chicken Carbonara $18./ Truffle $18. 



Add Chicken $9, Salmon 13, Shrimp 15, Steak 14, House Smoked Salmon 10, House Cured Salmon 10, or Three Seared Sea Scallops $11. 

Tree House Salad small 5/ Large 8.5
 mixed greens, snow pea pods, red roasted peppers, grape tomato, pickled red onion, house made balsamic dressing

Our New Shaved Brussel Salad 13

 Bacon, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, shaved parmesan, crispy shallots, honey-poppy seed dressing.

 Our New Wedge Salad 14
Grape tomatoes, red onion, crispy bacon, crumbled blue cheese, Blue Cheese dressing and herbed Virgin Olive Oil.

New Red Quinoa and Jasmine Rice Bowl 16

Hummus, tabbouleh, olives, tomatoes, banana pepper, red pepper, sumac-spiced onions and pita. 

Choice of French Fries / Salt and Vinegar Fries / Side Green Salad, or upgrade, for $1.50 more to Sweet Potato Fries, or upgrade to Grilled Avocado for $4.00 


Earl of Warwick 16
Turkey, bacon, brie, lettuce tomato, maple tarragon Dijon mustard, on croissant
 Our New Tree House Burger 17
Black Angus, Short Rib & Sirloin Burger, lettuce, tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon garlic aioli, on Brioche bun.**

 Our New  Egg Salad BLT Club 15

Egg Salad, Bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, mayo, toasted rye.

Bistro Steak Sandwich 19
Filet we pound thin, Portobello mushroom, caramelized onion,  lettuce, tomato, Provolone Cheese, balsamic-stout aioli, on a Brioche Bun.**

Tree House Wieners 16

Three all beef hot dogs, topped with a spiced ground angus beef weenies sauce, yellow mustard, fried shallots and green onions, set in grilled hot dog rolls.**

Crispy Hoison BBQ Pulled Pork 16
House made pulled pork, grilled, with Wasabi red cabbage slaw, shredded jack cheese, fried pickles, Brioche bun. 

Beef Wellington Steak Croissant 20

Filet, mushroom duxelle, Boursin Cheese, arugula, Colman's Mustard and a soft flakey butter croissant.**

* Gluten free sandwich roll, sliced bread or tortilla available on request.

* Our fry oil has been exposed as of 10/15/21 menu changes to a small amount of flour items, fried coated pickles, and flour coated scallions, so our fries and chicken wings are no longer suitable for highly sensitive Gluten Allergies or Celiac Disease.


Sweet Potato Prosciutto 16

Roasted diced Sweet Potato, prosciutto, Cheddar Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese, baby arugula, balsamic reduction.

Garden Pizza 18

Kale pesto, Monterey Jack cheese, smoked pignolia nuts, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, heirloom tomatoes, Manchego. 



Sea Scallops & Lobster Ravioli 32
Native sea scallops, pan seared over lobster ravioli, tarragon-lobster cream, green peas, smoked tomato-scallion jam.**

"Farmhouse" Stuffed Chicken 26.

Chicken breast stuffed with traditional bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetable, brandied-dried fruit compote.

Short Rib 28
6 Hour braised beef, mashed potatoes, green chili-tomatillo sauce, piccalilli mole, red pepper coulis and sour cream.

Noodle Bowl 20

Rice noodles, soft boiled egg, wild mushrooms, flavorful, slightly spicy mushroom Pho style stock, seasonal vegetables, pork belly, Kimchi, black sesame seeds, scallions.  

Available vegetarian-style $17  
Add Chicken $9, Salmon 13, Shrimp 15, Steak 14, House Smoked Salmon 10, House Cured Salmon 10, Three Seared Sea Scallops, 11.**

 Filet Mignon Tournedos 34
two 4oz filet medallions, Gorgonzola scalloped potatoes, seasonal vegetables, red wine bordelaise.**

  Pork Chop 29

14 oz - Brined pork chop, Potato Hash medley, cherry bourbon demi glace, Goat Cheese Croquet.**

Our New Grilled Salmon 28

Grilled Norwegian Salmon, with lemon-caper butter sauce, cherry tomatoes, sour cream & garlic whipped potatoes.**

Smoked Duck Confit Cassoulet 29

Andouille, black eyed peas, puff pastry vol au vent, house smoked duck with a brandy apricot marmalade..

Our talented Baker offers a selection of desserts, changing, daily and weekly.   


** Consuming raw or undercooked foods may be to you heal. Please inform for server of any and all food allergies before ordering. Gratuity of 20% added to tables of 8 or more.

Outside sourced food, cakes etc, and beverages are not allowed on the premises.