​​​The Tree House Tavern & Bistro​

1094 Centerville Road Warwick RI 02886  -  Phone 401-821-1105  

Closed on Easter Sunday

Winter ​Garden open air & indoor table seating information


Bundle up!

Weekend Brunch, and daily Lunch or Dinner seating.  

Limited seating, weather trends might cause us to move your table reservation indoors or to a different room than you hoped for.  You might wish to call and arrange another date or cancel a reservation. We will attempt to take request for tables but we reserve the right to switch tables to better serve the most guest to stay solvent for the future! Tables previously booked indoors may limit the available options.   We have only 17 usable tables inside.

The WINTER BARN,  We will have only 6 heated tables in the barn outside. These tables can be reserved weather dependent if available.

Please know, walk in guest are welcome if tables are not already reserved to guest who will be joining us, first come , please remember to call if you change plans so we might give the table to the next call ahead or walk-in guest looking for a table. . All seating is available based on staffing and weather.  

Tables are limited, with only three tables that can serve 8 in the building, spread in different rooms.

We will NOT HOST GATHERINGS of more than 8 Guest, due to Covid. You may reserve in advance the tables of 8 for a two hour limit time.  General tables are limited to an hour and half, during this Covid time.  I Can't Wait till it's over!


State mandates masks are to be on when not eating or drinking and walking through the areas. 

Table food and beverage service only, no casual drinking seating at this time, a food minimum, dessert or snack with be a required purchase.   

All guest need to provide a contact phone number as State of RI mandates, & guest wear a face mask as entering, or moving through the other guest and when staff approach closer than 6 feet.

This Winter indoor seating will be limited and timed to an hour and half visit, however the last reservation for the table on that evening will have the most time unrestricted visit until staff are finished clean tasks. 

Brunch is Saturday Sunday 10:00-1:00 with a small set menu, Lunch those days start at Noon.....

See our selection for brunch under the menu icon on the top left of this home page  

​​Call ahead to-go orders 11:00 - 8:30 


Temporary State regulations permit bottle wine and beer sales to go.

Menu Selections

​French Onion Soup

6 for cup / 8 for bowl

with caramelized onion, cream of sherry, beef broth and chicken broth, cheese crostini.

Deviled Eggs 9

BLT Style with our fried spinach, tomato, bacon egg filling.

Pretzels Dip 10

Pretzel sticks, zesty beer cheese.

Pulled Pork Nacho 14

House made pulled pork, Monterey cheese, baked seasoned tortilla corn chips, fire roasted tomatillo salsa, guacamole.


Chicken Wings 12

5 whole house seasoned wings with a choice of Crispy Plain, or Dusted Salt & Vinegar, 

Sauced: Buffalo, or Honey Oyster.

Adult Manhattan Wings 14

 aHouse seasoned wings, fried, sprinkled with Adult Beverages.

4 Whole tipsy wings for adults only!!



Add Chicken $7,  Salmon 12, Shrimp 15, Steak 12, House Smoked Salmon 9, House Cured Salmon 9. 

Tree House Salad small 5 large 8.5

 mixed greens, snow pea pods, red roasted peppers, grape tomatoes, with house made balsamic dressing

Beet and Arugula Baby Spinach 15

Baby arugula, Baby spinach, roasted beets, House pickled red onion, Bucheron cheese, toasted pecans, dried apricot, blood orange vinaigrette dressing.

Caesar Salad 10

Romaine lettuce, House Caesar dressing, croutons, white anchovies, Grana Padano.



enjoy Fries, Side Salad, Salt & Vinegar Fries. 

Sweet Potato Fries at $1.50 more / Grilled Avocado $4 more


Wood Smoked Veggie Dream 13

House made pumpernickel roll, lettuce, tomato, smoked squash, smoked red onion, edamame hummus, cream feta cheese.

Lobster BLT Market Price

Cold water lobster meat, celery, mayonnaise, lemon, lettuce, tomato, bacon, Brioche bun

Earl of Warwick 14

Turkey, bacon, brie, tomato, lettuce, maple tarragon Dijon mustard, heated on a croissant

Tree House Burger* 15

6oz beef burger with local, Atwells Gold Cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomato and garlic aioli, on a Brioche bun.

Pulled Pork Quesadilla 14

House made pulled pork, Monterey Jack cheese, fire roasted tomatillo salsa, BBQ sauce, guacamole, in a honey wheat wrap.

Steak Sandwich 17

Angus Sirloin thin slice, mushroom sauteed, Aged Provolone cheese, baguette.

Treehouse Weenies 15

Three all beef hot dogs, weenies sauce, yellow mustard, green onions, fried shallots.

Smoked Salmon Stack 17

House Smoked salmon, horseradish mayo, lettuce, tomato, bacon, toasted rye bread, cornichons, house pickled onion.

Gluten free bread switch available, Sandwich Roll, Sliced Bread, or Tortilla upon request.

Our fries are cooked in clean oil and are Gluten friendly, as are our baked Nacho corn chips.




Sweet Potato 15

 Diced  roasted Sweet Potato, prosciutto, cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack and Goat Cheese, baby arugula, balsamic reduction. 

Blue Moon 17

Roasted butternut squash, caramelized onion, poached pears, Bucheron cheese, blue cheese, honey fig drizzle.



Grilled Salmon 28

Grilled Atlantic salmon, roasted fingerling potatoes, Delicata squash, harissa butter, lemongrass crema.


Mac & Cheese

white cheese sauce with panko crumb topping

Plain 12 / Pulled Pork 17, BLT 17

Lobster BLT Mac & Cheese 25

Bolognese 29

Beef tenderloin, pork shoulder, veal, tomato sauce, Black Truffle Sacchetti pasta.

Farmhouse Beef Stew 22

Hand cut sirloin steak tips, carrots, onion, celery, turnip, red bliss potatoes, buttermilk biscuit.

Lamb Shank 26

Australian lamb shank braised with tomatoes, garlic, lemons, olives, fresh herbs.  Served with mashed potatoes and braised greens. 

Meatloaf 24

A mix of our Angus ground with veal, pork and herbs along with tomato glaze, mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, roasted baby carrots, Tree House gravy.

Noodle Bowl 19

Udon noodles, soft boiled egg, wild mushrooms, vegetable Dashi, pork belly, Kimchi, scallion, sesame seeds.

Available vegetarian style $16.

Add Chicken $7, Salmon 12, Shrimp 15, Steak 12

Black Angus Sirloin 34

12oz sirloin steak, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, Bordelaise sauce, chimichurri butter.

Duck Breast 29

Pan seared, smoked duck breast, butternut ravioli, duck confit, poached pear, thyme, pancetta, Bordeaux cherry sauce.

Fin and Shell 29

Local hard shell clams, mussels, cod, soppressata, fennel, saffron lobster broth, House herb focaccia,

Baker desserts are limited *

Selections my change, limited and might be out?

Congo Bar

Bakers creation of the moment. 

Creme Brullee GF

 Cream Cheese Cake

Our light cheese cake baked with a grahamcracker crust, Flavor of the moment..

Bailey's Chocolate Mousse

Our Bailey's chocolate mousse is a chocolate dessert favorite.


Our Patron Cup to-go

 A rich German dark chocolate that is blend with Cafe tequilia in not too sweet chocolate delight.  GF .

A Special Creations of the week

Fruit Cobbler

Orchard fruits, apples and mixed fruit with a gluten friendly crunch GF granola topping, GF